ALUCOIL is visited by the Fachadas Ligeras Master’s degree

On the last 8th of June, ALUCOIL was visited by the professionals of the Fachadas Ligeras in Architecture Master’s degree (MFL) from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid in which ALUCOIL participates teaching several lessons as in quality of sponsor. Several professionals in this field participated also, from technicians in architecture studies as LAMELA and RAFAEL de LA HOZ, to façade consulting as ARUP, ENAR, GADITEC XXI and also Spanish technician specialized in façades as INASUS, MARTIFER, ALUMAN, FERGA, EUROSCA and INBOBE.
During the visit to the modern installations of ALUCOIL in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), all the participants could meet the different production lines, knowing first-hand the continuous fabrication process of LARSON® and LARCORE® as well as the severe quality inspections which are used in the obtaining of high technology value in their products.
The day was closed with the visit to several nearby wineries, well known by their interest, relevance and also to be used as samples in the architecture field.

ALUCOIL in Construmat with LARSON® and LARCORE® A2 in BIM

ALUCOIL has attended Construmat, the exhibition celebrated in Barcelona from 23rd to 26th of May. On this occasion, ALUCOIL has been presented in the European BIM Summit Space strengthening its inventive character with an stand dedicated to its products LARSON® and LARCORE® A2 in BIM language.

ALUCOIL, in the role of the first manufacturer all over the world of composite panels transforming its products to this technology, has assisted to this event with its high qualified team in this BIM language, as well as its group, whom has advised and solved doubts related with this software, which gains importance in the construction field.

In addition to this, ALUCOIL offered during these three days, informative talks which were managed to professionals about the high benefits that LARSON® composite and LARCORE® A2 materials offer, including their basic characterizes and necessary requirements to their establishment.

Belén Martín, awarded with the Best Export and Internationalization Director Prize

The last 25th of May, Belén Martín, General Director of ALUCOIL, collected in Valladolid the Award to the Best Export and Internationalization Manager. This prize, given by the magazine Castilla y León Económica, appreciates the important work that Belén Martín and the rest of workers do, having placed ALUCOIL as a model company, in a global level, producing advanced materials for the building, transport and industry field.

In 2010 ALUCOIL designed and started an ambitious program of Internationalization, opening ALUCOIL Maroc in Casablanca (Morocco), ALUCOIL North America in South Carolina (EEUU) and in 2014 started up ALUCOIL Australia, in Melboune (Australia), being in 4 continents with its own fabrication. In addition and since the beginning, ALUCOIL always has maintained a strong vision for exportation and at the present its products are traded in more than 70 countries all over the world. The work and effort of Belén Martín and the rest of the team, has supposed an essential base for all this process of internationalization and to count at the present with a high level of exportations.

In the fourth edition has been also awarded Carlos Tejedor (Queserías Entrepinares) in the category of Empresa de Castilla y León; María Berzosa (Grupo Europac) in the Multinational ubicated in Castilla y León; Javier Cid (Alentia) in Financial; Fernando Villalba (Protos) in Commercial and Marketing; Sonia Fajardo (Skretting España) in Human Resources; José Luis Barredo (Crystal Pharma) in I+D+I; Ángel Calleja (Bodega Cuatro Rayas) in Quality; and Pilar López (Microsoft Ibérica) in Executive of Castilla y León with success abroad.

The award ceremony of the IV Award Castilla y León Económica to the Best Director, celebrated in the Auditorio de Valladolid, more than 700 people attended. Pilar del Olmo, Economy and State Minister closed the act and she present the Honour Award to José Rebollo, President of Michelin Spain and Portugal.