Building » larcore ® A2 honeycomb panel

larcore ® is a new generation of advanced materials formed by aluminium honeycomb panel representing a perfect balance between weight, rigidity and fireproofing classification.


Produced through a unique worldwide continuous manufacturing process, larcore ® offers outstanding properties compared to traditional architectural materials.

With a constant high quality guarantee, larcore ® is able to be produced in big pieces up to 2 meters width by 15 meters length.

Thanks to the unique aluminium honeycomb core, larcore ® reduces incredibly the weight of the façade, provides an amazing rigidity and it is A2 fire rated.

Comparing larcore ® A2 10mm with other materials
Vs. ACM 4mm FR Vs. 5mm Aluminium Vs. 5mm Steel
100% Aluminium 70% Lighter 90% Lighter
50% Lighter 20% More rigid 10% More rigid
10x More rigid Less sub-structure Less sub-structure
78.75″ / 2 meter widths Greater moment of inertia Greater moment of inertia

Documentation available at Download Section


    • Europe: UNE EN 13501-1:2007 A2-s1,d0
    • France: NF P 92501 M1
    • France: NF F 16-101 F1
    • Belarus: ISO 13785-2 :2002
    • Australia: AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 (0-0-0-2)
    • Australia: AS/NZS 3837-1998

larcore ® A2 for use on outdoor façades must be installed with the HideTech ® Plus system certified with ETE / ETA (double edging and perimeter riveting) or with system for watertight panel solution.