Marine » larcore ® honeycomb panel

larcore ® is a sandwich panel with honeycomb core and aluminum skins agencies in a continuous industrial process. The core structure gives the panel its characteristic lightness while forming double-T profile which increases stiffness.

Honeycomb core panels have been installed on cruise ships, fast ferries, luxury yachts and other special vessels since years. Their excellent mechanical properties and low weight make them easy-machining materials for applications in outdoor balconies, floors, ceilings, wall coverings or ship furniture.

larcore ® is manufactured through a continuous industrial process able to produce large panels (up to 14000 mm x 2000 mm). Due to the continuous process designed by Alucoil, is maintained a quality control during the production process, ensuring stable mechanical properties in all panels and technical characteristics throughout the lifetime of the product.


Sandwich structures are made of two thin sheets or skins enclosing the core. The cores like “honeycomb” have the following features:

    • They support compressive loads and tension.
    • They have excellent specific stiffness and strength.
    • Low weight.
    • Reduced manufacturing time.

The mechanical characteristics of larcore ® contribute to improve in terms of rigidity, lightness, non-toxicity, recyclable, insulation and energy efficiency.

    • Rigidity: larcore ® is much rigid than other materials used in shipbuilding.
    • Lightness: due to the structure of its core, larcore ® is lighter than other solid materials
    • Flatness: because of the materials used and the continuous industrial process, larcore ® panels present an extraordinary flatness.
    • Recyclable: larcore ® is composed only by aluminum, which make it 100% recyclable.
    • Finishes: possible finishes in powder, liquid or primer.


Because of the Alucoil Marine Division commitment for quality products, raw materials used in our panels are from European suppliers. The aluminum Honeycomb core used in larcore ® panels are produce in a company of Alibérico Group and complies with non-combustible requirements in accordance with the IMO in this type of panels.

    • C Class Division
    • US Coast Guard Approval
    • RS Type Approval
    • Transport Canada Approval