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Almirr ®, is a new product called to become a revolution in concentred solar power sector. It is a high-reflective aluminium mirror. Almirr ® is formed by aluminium sheets and a plastic resins core, which makes the product self-portable.

Multilaminar Aluminium Mirror Almirr ®, finishes with some of the problems associated with the use of glass. These mirrors are rigid, abrasion resistant, and lightweight they also have mechanical properties that ease its machining and manipulation.

The strong R+D investment has permitted the development of a high reflective material.

The advantages of Multilaminar Aluminium Mirror Almirr ®, are shown below:

    • High abrasion and corrosion resistance.
    • The continuous-manufacturing enables the supply of 6,000 mm length and 1,250 width pieces.
    • High shock-resistance that implies fewer replacements for breakage.
    • No breakages associated with the thermal shock.
    • Easy Installation, manipulation and transport.
    • Lightweight.


Multilaminar Aluminium Mirrors Almirr ®, have a wide range of production possibilities. Almirr ® can be supplied in several sizes, weights and thicknesses; this makes this product suitable for different High, Medium and Low Concentrated Solar Power applications.

Multilaminar Aluminium Mirrors Almirr ®, can be supplied in a solely piece of 6,000 mm length and 1,250 mm width.

1. Low concentrated solar power:

Trough the use of flat mirrors, the sun rays are reflected over the PV modules, increasing the power generated and decreasing the needed of silicon. This is a technology more suitable for high irradiation areas.

2. Heliostats for Tower Central Receivers:

The lightweight, resistance and the possibility of supply in big formats make Multilaminar Aluminium MirrorsAlmirr® a perfect choice for this technology.

3. Fresnel Sistems:

This technology is still under development; but it promises to reach great efficiency levels for industrial applications where high temperatures are needed.

4. Stirling Dish Sistems:

It consist of a parabolic mirror with a large diameter external combustion ‘Stirling’ engine, located in its focal area. It is based on a high performance thermodynamic cycle.

5. Parabolic Trough Collector:

Is the CSP technology commercially more developed. Almirr® is the best choice because of its ease of curving for low thicknesses and its shock resistance.


Multilaminar Aluminium Mirrors Almirr®, can be supplied in sizes (i.e: the case of parabolic cylinder collector) that allows to cover the entire collector channel with only two pieces (instead of four), winning reflecting surface. The joints between mirrors are reduced, which facilitates the installation of the product. The maximum sizes in which the product can be manufactured and supplied are:

Length: 6,000 mm.
Width: Up to 1,250 mm.

Weights and measures

One of the remarkable things about Almirr® is its ease of processing and machining, it can be supplied in various sizes and radios, from four different thicknesses.

ALMIRR® 203:

Almirr® 203: 2 mm thick for applications where lightness is a condition, because this mirror has a weight of 2.98 kg/m2.

ALMIRR® 303:

the multilaminar composition reaches a total thickness of 3 mm with a weight of 3.90 kg/m2.

ALMIRR® 403:

With a thickness of 4 mm has a weight of 4.90 kg/m2.

ALMIRR® 603:

The 6 mm thick, making this version ideal for applications where the force of the wind plays an important role. It reaches weights of 6.5 kg/m2.

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