ALUCOIL, sponsor of the Technical Inspection of Buildings to Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renewal

The ITE+3R will take place in Burgos, in the Fórum Evolución, on 23rd and 24th May the first national conference of buildings rehabilitation.

ALUCOIL bets on the technical inspection and buildings rehabilitation with the support of this conference, in which a stand with all the material of the company, focused on solutions for architectonical façades, will be available in a stand.

A project of building rehabilitation in the district of San Cristóbal (Madrid) is noted in the program of these days, for which ALUCOIL has provided around 10.000m2 of larson® FR. The Composite Panel of ALUCOIL consists of two metal sheets, with an excellent resistance, flatness and adherence that allow to create really imaginative designs.

Additionally, on 23rd May from 12:30am to 13:30am, the presentation of Varquitectos, authors of the project Torres Bolueta de Bilbao, will deal with the presentation of this building called Passive House, the biggest all over the world made with larson® panels.

larson® by ALUCOIL panels, leader solution in architectural façades