ALUCOIL is visited by the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades

ALUCOIL, immersed in a plan for sustainable development, supports Quality Education by participating, teaching and being a platinum sponsor in the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades that this year takes place in Barcelona.

The professionals of the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades, in which ALUCOIL has been collaborating for several years, have visited the modern facilities of ALUCOIL in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos). The attendees could see the different production lines, knowing first-hand the continuous manufacturing processes of larson® and larcore® panels. They could also check the management systems and strict quality controls to which all our processes are submitted in order to obtain products with a high technological value and our commitment to sustainability due to the efficiency in the manufacture and high recyclability of our raw materials.

The aim of this Master’s Degree is to prepare future building technicians, specialists in lightweight facades. ALUCOIL, in its continuous commitment to improvement and talent, has supported and invested in this Master’s Degree and in its students, encouraging the training of new experts in this type of facades.

ALUCOIL is committed to education and the environment.