ALUCOIL DESIGN 2.0, discover the new update!

ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced building materials, launches its new update of ALUCOIL DESIGN.

A year ago, ALUCOIL launched this tool to make available to the user the wide range of colours and finishes with which it works on its larson® and larcore® panels.

This useful tool for professionals dedicated to the building industry, allows you to get a real idea of how our finishes look when applied to buildings.

Together with the range of colours you have a technical sheet with all the details of the product, including in which materials they can be applied. So, you can compare and choose more quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

The new update, more intuitive and navigable, have a new search box, where you can search for specific buildings, colours, architects or types of building.

One of its great advantages is that you can order samples and contact our sales representatives from the same website.

Doesn’t that sound good? Don’t wait to discover the new version!

Mohamed EL ALAMI new Chairman and CEO of Aluminium du Maroc

On June 29th, in Tangier, the General Shareholders’ Meeting of Aluminium du Maroc, the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer in Morocco and the entire African continent, was held to approve the 2019 accounts and to appoint Mr. Mohamed EL ALAMI as the new Chairman and CEO. The Shareholders’ Meeting also confirmed Clemente González Soler, President of GRUPO ALIBERICO, as a member of its Board of Directors.

Aluminium du Maroc is a company listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, with its main aluminium extrusion plant in Tangier and the shareholding of ALUCOIL S.A.

ALUCOIL, BSAFE certified

On 29th June, ALUCOIL obtained the Safe and Clean Company certificate awarded by ADEFAM, the Association of Family Businesses in Madrid, which allows its employees to work both in the plant and in the offices in complete safety.

KPMG is in charge of checking and certifying that the procedures and activities implemented in the companies applying for the BSAFE seal are considered to be hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing measures in accordance with the COVID-19 Management Policy of the Family Business Association of Madrid.

ALUCOIL adhering to the COVID-19 Management Policy, has provided all kinds of measures: preventive and response, in order to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection among its workers, customers and suppliers

With extreme hygiene measures, a respect for the minimum social distance in all work stations, posters throughout the office and plant with indications of the safety protocol, and providing new measures to carry out the work with the established safety standards, hydroalcoholic gel, masks and all the necessary material and instructions to mitigate the risk of incidence, this has made it possible to obtain this certificate.

ALUCOIL always committed to health and welfare (SDG 3), thanks its employees for their efforts and their commitment and involvement in this new normality to continue providing the best service to society

Hidetech® Light, the new revolutionary installation system for larcore® 6mm panels

ALUCOIL with a 20 year experience on manufacturing cladding products has designed and launched a new very agile and fast installation system for the 6mm larcore® honeycomb panels.

ALUCOIL’s technical department has developed this system for the cladding of buildings offering a lightweight solution with panels of 4,19kg/m2 and with a fire class A2-S1, d0. The larcore® panels installed with the new Hidetech® LIGHT offer a unique solution for ventilated facades with a great rigidity, lightweight and one of the best fire classifications. It is also an ecological solution since all its materials are made of aluminium. The honeycomb core does not contain any mineral or plastic filler therefore is a 100% recycable and sustainable solution.

ALUCOIL has designed an exclusive web site for Hidetech® LIGHT  as the main source of information for professionals.

If you would like to know more, you can also send us an email to and our comercial and technical department will soon contact you.

ALUCOIL committed with a more technological future designing and offering innovation each day. 

#WemustNOTStop #ThiswillEND

ALIBERICO, more than ever, is with you every day. In these difficult moments, more than ever, we want to be closer to you. We work to take care of you every day.

We adapt ourselves to the new situation with maximum protection to our employees, continuing our activity and supplying all our customers. Reinventing ourselves and developing products to meet new needs.

The aluminium of ALIBERICO is in your everyday life, in your cooking containers, pharmacy blister packs, in your building or even in your nearest supermarket. Enhancing the economy and defending jobs.

That’s why ALIBERICO cannot stop #WemustNOTSTOP #ThiswillEND

Courage, Strength, We keep on going Take care, Go ahead!

#WemustNOTStop #ThiswillEND

New HIDETECH ® LIGHT installation system

If you are looking for different results, do not do the same thing. That is why ALUCOIL has always been committed to developing new finishes, products and improvements, innovating in the installation systems of its metal panels for facade cladding.

Within this philosophy, at a time when it is more necessary than ever to provide the best in everyone, ALUCOIL presents the new Hidetech® LIGHT installation system designed for 6mm larcore® A2 panels.

This new system is made up of 4.19 kg/m2 panels with a fire classification of A2-s1, d0, making it the perfect solution for lightweight facades, but with greater rigidity and unbeatable fire performance.

It is designed to take advantage of manufacturing dimensions of up to 2000 mm wide and 8000 mm long.

Thanks to this innovative system, the percentage of tasks in the workshop is increased and it is shortened on site to allow better quality control. By reducing the use of substructure, it minimizes and saves assembly times. For this reason, all installers are provided with the necessary tools for its execution.

Now all that remains is to choose the modulation, the finish of the façade from the hundreds available and whether you want the solution to be ventilated or watertight. ALUCOIL and its trusted network of installers will take care of the rest.

Alucoil to participate at UPV employment forum at Vitoria-Gasteiz

This initiative, that has been celebrated for several years already, is a meeting point between HHRR professionals, students soon becoming graduated or recently graduated and people in job search. ALUCOIL has participated in last 2 editions and is very happy to assist this event, not only because of the great opportunity for getting to know young people, future pofessionals full of energy and willing to become part of a company, but also for being that company where they can start their dreams and professional life.

This event will join 36 companies with more than 250 job vacancies, a cooperation room where labour relationships flow, where actual possibilities of growing professionally and where good contacts and future sinergies are established.

This is a unique opportunity facilitated by Vasque Country University (UPV), Vitoria-Gasteiz local government and attending companies, with a common goal of creating a space where people come together improving their situation.

ALUCOIL HHRR team moved to Vitoria-Gasteiz with the intention of finding the perfect candidates for the current vacancies.

ALUCOIL, acts for offering new professional challenges to young talent (ODS8)

ALUCOIL, committed to people, talent and continuous improvement.

ALUCOIL, A+ on new requirements

A new regulation modifying Technical Building Code took effect last December 28th .

This standard intends to promote even greater environmental sustainability by reaching almost 0 energy consumption on buildings. Tightly linked to this point, safety in fire situations is highly important, more specifically façade materials’ limitation on fire reaction depending on building height.

Modifications affect fire reaction requirements of ventilated façade and insulation depending on building height.

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ALUCOIL is visited by the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades

ALUCOIL, immersed in a plan for sustainable development, supports Quality Education by participating, teaching and being a platinum sponsor in the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades that this year takes place in Barcelona.

The professionals of the Master of Architecture in Lightweight Façades, in which ALUCOIL has been collaborating for several years, have visited the modern facilities of ALUCOIL in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos). The attendees could see the different production lines, knowing first-hand the continuous manufacturing processes of larson® and larcore® panels. They could also check the management systems and strict quality controls to which all our processes are submitted in order to obtain products with a high technological value and our commitment to sustainability due to the efficiency in the manufacture and high recyclability of our raw materials.

The aim of this Master’s Degree is to prepare future building technicians, specialists in lightweight facades. ALUCOIL, in its continuous commitment to improvement and talent, has supported and invested in this Master’s Degree and in its students, encouraging the training of new experts in this type of facades.

ALUCOIL is committed to education and the environment.