larson® Top Quality ACM Worldwide

larson® Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM) is a fully tested and certified, top quality architectural wall cladding panel providing the strength and flexibility required for the most demanding design criteria.larson® is especially recommended for new-construction ventilated façade sectors as well as renovation. It allows for ventilated, semi-ventilated or air-tight façades.

termolac® – High Quality Powder Coating for Building

termolac® is a high-quality powder coating designed for roll products. Its advanced composition allows both coils and sheets to be to be folded to 0T. Its excellent flatness and unlimited range of colours make this one of the best coatings on the market.

termolac® coating is especially recommended for the construction of cassettes for façades; moulds with aluminium finish, galvanised steel, deep drawing metal processes…

Great premiere of new larcore® video for ALUCOIL Marine

LUCOIL Marine jumps head first into audio-visual’s world uploading an introduction video about use of larcore® for naval industry end use.

One and a half minutes to dive through this material properties and applications, which enlighten and provide resistance to the ship. High speed ferries, yachts or frigates are already using the only aluminium honeycomb panel in the world being produced in a continuous way up to 2.000mm wide and in possession of demanding naval industry certifications worldwide.

Dive into larcore® world for naval industry in just one click!

Alucoil Since 1996 Delivering Technologically Advanced Products

An example of Industrial Growth, a reference of Innovation, a model of Internationalization. Manufactures Premium brands. Focused on Quality. Developing new technical solutions since 1996.


Incredible success at VETECO trade show in Madrid of ALUCOIL, specialists in the manufacture of Advanced Materials for Architecture, Industry and Transport applications.

Alucoil en Veteco 2014 – #SICRE

Teodoro Martínez, de Alucoil, nos cuenta las novedades en paneles y materiales para revestimentios de fachadas, sector transportes, etc.

ALUCOIL en Televisión de Castilla y León

Noticia sobre ALUCOIL aparecida en Televisión de Castilla y León.

Larcore A2 – Panneau alvéolaire en aluminium

Alucoil, filiale du groupe espagnol Alberico présente Larcore A2, un panneau aluminum ultra léger grace à son âme en nid d’abeille. Déjà classé A2 (M0 en cours), ce panneau recyclable à 100% est utilisable pour les façades ventilées, les planchers flottants et les plafonds.  Pour le marché français, sa transformation est assurée par la SAB-FCB (Loire Atlantique).

Alucoil do Brasil

Corporate Video