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ALUCOIL, the first composite panel manufacturer that launches its products in BIM OBJECTS

ALUCOIL has recently developed BIM OBJECTS for its larson ® FR composite panels and larcore ® A2 aluminum honeycomb panels. As the first manufacturer of these types of building products to make this new technology available, ALUCOIL offers its BIM OBJECTS as a very useful tool for architects and engineers to facilitate the design, documentation and creation of any project worldwide.

ALUCOIL is a pioneer in making available to architects and field professionals the possibility of integrating its BIM OBJECTS into every type of architectural project. BIM OBJECTS are the most modern and complete tool which enables the storage of all technical and supporting information for every phase of the construction process.

Available in both Revit and ArchiCAD formats, larson ® FR and larcore ® A2 are available with their respective installation systems LCH-1 and HideTech® PLUS as well as their large range of color finishes.

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