Immerse in the “BBVA City” through its inventors

ALUCOIL will organize next 24th October a lecture called “BBVA city” which is focused on the construction of the new BBVA´s headquarters located in Madrid, a very representative project focused on the reduction in the energetic consumption with most up-to-the-minute materials as the honeycomb panels larcore® A2.

The lecture will be celebrated in a triangular hall of Colegio de Arquitectos in Madrid (COAM) and well-known professional involved in this symbolic construction, will participated on it.

The event will start at 16:30 PM and will count with the participation of Ortiz & Leon Architects as national partner of Herzog & de Meuron architects, the company ENAR in charge of façade engineering, Permasteelisa, the manufacturer of the protective structure and ALUCOIL as manufacturer of honeycomb panel Larcore® A2, the advanced material that covers the main building, La Vela, of 93 meters high and which symbolizes the Corporative Culture: avant – garde, cross – culture, sustainability, in addition to globality.

At the end of the talks, the attendees could enjoy a “Spanish wine” and could share feelings with other participants.

All of those who are interested in this event, can register for free sending an e-mail to:

ALUCOIL in Construmat with LARSON® and LARCORE® A2 in BIM

ALUCOIL has attended Construmat, the exhibition celebrated in Barcelona from 23rd to 26th of May. On this occasion, ALUCOIL has been presented in the European BIM Summit Space strengthening its inventive character with an stand dedicated to its products LARSON® and LARCORE® A2 in BIM language.

ALUCOIL, in the role of the first manufacturer all over the world of composite panels transforming its products to this technology, has assisted to this event with its high qualified team in this BIM language, as well as its group, whom has advised and solved doubts related with this software, which gains importance in the construction field.

In addition to this, ALUCOIL offered during these three days, informative talks which were managed to professionals about the high benefits that LARSON® composite and LARCORE® A2 materials offer, including their basic characterizes and necessary requirements to their establishment.

ALUCOIL in South East Europe Belgrade Building Expo

From 19th until 23rd April, it is celebrated the 43rd edition of the most important Eastern Europe exhibition, SEBE (South East Europe Belgrade Building EXPO) in Belgrade (Serbia), which is specialized in building field.

ALUCOIL is the first time that assists to this event from the hand of his distributor in Serbia, TEHNOMARKET, a company specialized in aluminum profile systems. ALUCOIL offers information about his products, LARSON® composite panels and LARCORE® A2 aluminum honeycomb panels, to professional on this field from his stand.

Local and visitant professionals are attended by the technical team of TEHNOMARKET, which is on the event supported by the commercial team of ALUCOIL, where LARSON® and LARCORE® A2 products are introduced, the same as solutions and possibilities offered through designed expositors prepared for this occasion.

Belén Martín, managing director of ALUCOIL, receives the Economic Castilla y León Award to the Best Director

The executive of ALUCOIL, Belén Martín, has been awarded with the Economic Castilla y León Award to the Best Director within the Export/Internationalization category.

The judge has recognized the work to the executive team, specifically to Belén Martín, together with the rest of workers, due to their efforts and compromise to place a full range of their advanced products which are dedicated to the construction, transport and industry field in more than sixty countries. Being remarkable also the presence of their own production plants in four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

In the fourth edition of these Awards have been also awarded Carlos Tejedor (Queserías Entrepinares) in the category of Castilla y León Enterprise; María Berzosa (Grupo Europac) Multinational located in Castilla y León; Javier Cid (Alentia) in the Financial category; Fernando Villalba (Protos) in Comercial and Marketing category; Sonia Fajardo (Skretting España) in Human Resources category; José Luis Barredo (Crystal Pharma) in Research & Development category; Ángel Calleja (Bodega Cuatro Rayas) in Quality category; and Pilar López (Microsoft Ibérica) in Executive category of Castilla y León who success abroad.

As well, José Rebollo received the Honour Award to the Best Director, president of Michelin Spain and Portugal.

The IV Award to the Best Direct of Castilla y León is organized by the Economic Castilla y León magazine and it counts with the financial support of Vodafone and Bankinter and with the cooperation of Collosa, Industrias Maxi, Epunto Interim Management, Renault-Nissan Consulting and Ibecon.

In this edition 52 candidates were analized by a judge established by executives of sponsored companies, representatives of business associations from Castilla y León, the Junta de Castilla y León and the organizer magazine.

The Awards Ceremony is performed on 25th May in the Auditorio I of Feria de Valladolid at 19.15h.

HideTech ® PLUS system for larcore® A2 released in BIM technology certified by ETA

ALUCOIL, experts in the manufacturing of advanced materials for architecture building applications, will introduce at VETECO the new HideTech ® PLUS system in BIM technology with an accompanying ETA certification for its revolutionary honeycomb panel larcore ® A2.

This places ALUCOIL at the forefront of its sector as well highlighting it as the first manufacturer to date to obtain a certificate for a honeycomb panel and its installation system – all in BIM technology. All documentation is readily available in BIM OBJECT on the ALUCOIL website.

The technical team behind the development of the HideTech ® PLUS system will be attending the VETECO show so visitors at ALUCOIL booth 10E12 can clarify any technical points about this new and revolutionary technology, as well as discuss all requirements ALUCOIL fulfilled in obtaining its ETA certificate, which is the only one recognized by European official laboratories.