Downloads of Alucoil North America

Below are all the PDF downloads and technical documentation. All the documentation is informative and can be updated or changed at any time without notice. If there is any additional information you require please contact us at

larson ® by Alucoil Brochure:
larson ® A2 by Alucoil Brochure:
larson ® wood Brochure:
larson ® metals Brochure:
larson ® Illusions Brochure:
larcore ® A2 Brochure:
larcore ® Brochure:
Alucoil Marine Brochure:
signi ® Brochure:
Almirr ® Brochure:
larson ® Perforated ACM:
larson ® Perforated ACM Projects:
Primer Coastal ®:
Real Anodized ACM:
Technical notebook:
Color Charts and Specialty Finishes
Standard Color Chart:
Wood Color Chart:
Metals Color Chart:
Illusions Color Chart:
Paint Finishes:
Technical Downloads
larson ® Technical data sheet:
signi ® Technical data sheet:
Almirr ® Technical data sheet:
Storage and Handling of ACM:
larson by Alucoil ® PE ACM Spec: ms_word_alucoil pdf
larson by Alucoil ® FR ACM Spec: ms_word_alucoil pdf
larson by Alucoil ® PE Material Safety Data Sheet:
larson by Alucoil ® FR Material Safety Data Sheet:    
larson by Alucoil ® Engineering Properties Sheet:    
larson by Alucoil ® LEED Calculations:    
Cleaning and Maintenance Procedure:    
larson ® Inox Stainless Steel Fabrication Recommendations:    
Drawdown Lines on Color Matches White Paper:    
Warranties & Test Certifications
larson by Alucoil ® PE Certification Listing:
larson by Alucoil ® FR Certification Listing:  
Alucoil North America 10y Bond Warranty:
Alucoil North America 10y Finish Warranty:    
Alucoil North America 30y Finish Warranty:    
larson ® Installation System Details
larson ® with fusion: cad pdf
Riveting System I: cad
Riveting System II: cad

Alucoil North America colours chart
Made in USA Declaration:  
Color Match Request Form: