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termolac® is a high-quality powder paint designed for roll products. termolac® paint is especially recommended for industrial applications. .


Its advanced composition allows both coils and sheets to be to be folded to 0T. Its excellent flatness and unlimited range of colours make this one of the best coatings on the market.

High quality powder coating that can be coordinated with same finish as painted extrusion profiles.

Aluminium coated with termolac® can be folded, stamped or bended up to 0T (180º) without cracking the paint.

Sheets are coated flat, eliminating holes or hanging marks and maintaining the flatness of the material.

Excellent weather and anti-corrosion performance, guaranteed up to 10 years.

Unlimited color range.

Low environmental impact as it is manufactured without solvents has zero toxic gas emissions.

Product Range:

termolac® high-quality powder coating is available for sheets and coils.

termolac® offers a wide range of standard and customized finished including a variety of special finishes such as metallic, clear coated, textured, and a range of mat or gloss choices.

Virtually any color can be matched, enabling sheet and profiles to blend perfectly together on a façade.

Color chart:   


Refrigeration housings.

Manufacture of satellite systems.

Food, agricultural and industrial machinery.

Refrigerated display cases for food.

Exterior fire trucks.

Thermal isolation plants.

Technical data: