Industry » larcore ® aluminum honeycomb panels

larcore ® aluminum honeycomb panels  are aluminum panels manufactured with an in-house technology unique in the world. This advanced material offers a wide range of finishes and amazing properties.


• Lightness.
• Resistant to compression.
• High rigidity.
• Fire classification. No combustibility. No toxic fumes.
• Easy to assemble. Reducing time and assembly costs.
• Acoustic insulation.


larcore ® aluminum honeycomb panels properties make them a very versatile material adapted to the needs of multiple applications such as:

• Exterior elevators.
• Floors, walls and ceilings for elevators.
• Ramps, platforms and mobile scenarios.
• Structures for military radars.
• Interiors for trucks and buses.
• Vertical partitions.
• Cleanrooms.
• Equipment Fairings.
• Recordable ceilings.
• Support for thin rolling stone, marble and granite.

Documentation available at Download Section