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larcore ® is still growing through train tracks and tides

The larcore ® honeycomb panels allows only possibilities in the most popular sector of the transport thanks to its high resistance, thinness and big dimensions from up to two meters width and 14 meters length. These possibilities are continually developing the maritime and railway sector:

  • Alucoil and Alucoil Systems has been approved as direct suppliers of Talgo. This means that the larcore ® panels achieve totally with the requirements asked for the railway company, which is well-known globally. Therefore, important projects all over the world, as high speed trains in the Meca or the new trains of Kazakhstan are going to being still used.

    Furthermore, the larcore ® honeycomb panels are certified in accordance with the European Rules EN-45545 to be used in the interior design of trains even in different applications as roof, furniture, etc.

  • More than 2.000m2 of larcore ® honeycomb panels are being used in the interior design and facing of the public areas and in the entries of the different floors of the second cruise of AIDA shipping, which is being built at this moment in the Japanese shipyard in Nagasaki.

    larcore ® is the best solution for the naval interior design because the weight of the structure is reduced thanks to its thinness. It offers also a high rigidity, flatness, corrosion resistance and ease on its handling and production. The panels are tested and certified in accordance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) FTP Code MED.