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ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced materials for architecture, transport and industry launches its new website. ALUCOIL, premieres virtual portal with a new updated image, renewed, elegant, more modern, intuitive and very visual. A website 100% adapted to the diversity of target audiences to which it is directed,

Alucoil®, in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, continues to invest time and effort in moving towards the future. This new video summarises what ALUCOIL is today after 25 years of enthusiasm, effort and commitment. With a renewed image, it provides all the information about

Every building that is built with Alucoil®‘s advanced materials is a great responsibility. Alucoil® has been offering unique solutions for architecture for 25 years and each project that carries its metallic panels has always been a source of pride. This time, larson® FR panels have been chosen to dress the facade of