Sustainable Development Goals

ALUCOIL currently meets various SDGs indicated by the UN and has also designed a plan to increase the development of each objective.

ALUCOIL is committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) for 2030, working every day on


    It has an exhaustive Risk Prevention policy, and invests great efforts to guarantee the safety at work and health of its workers. Alucoil teaches specific courses in risk prevention to avoid any type of incident as well as providing all the necessary resources to improve the health and well-being of employees. It Sponsors the Mirandes Football Club to promote sport. Due to the pandemic, the “BSAFE” certificate has been obtained, which certifies that the work spaces are “clean and safe”.


    It actively collaborates with local professional Training Centers and Universities. It also sponsors a Master degree in Light Facades and gives the opportunity to two yourng people to obtain a scholarship and be able to study it for free. It performs many internal training courses so that the staff continue to train and adapt to new environments.


    Thanks to its Equality Plan, it bases internal promotion on experience and merits, offering the same equal opportunities to all people. It should be noted that currently relevant management positions in the company are held by women.


    At ALUCOIL, product development plans are carried out for low-consumption or even zero-consumption buildings. In order to reduce contamination in their transportation, they preferably consume products from nearby suppliers and periodically employees are made aware of turning off electronic equipment and lights when they are not being used. Internal measures are also implemented to ensure that production processes are more efficient, consume less energy and therefore pollute less.


    Human capital is the basic foundation within the company’s value scale. ALUCOIL generates quality employment as 93% of the employees have a permanent contract. It also has bonuses that make salaries above the agreement. It has internal training and promotion plans for personal growth and an active safety plan at work. It also incorporates people for certain unqualified positions which can be accessed by people who have not had the possibility of training for economic reasons and gives them the opportunity to start their professional career in the company.


    ALUCOIL has always focused on reindustrialization and proof of this are the multiple extensions of the facilities and the start-up of new production lines. Innovation is a fundamental pillar for ALUCOIL and proof of this are the different awards it has obtained and the range of products it launches on the market each year. It encourages internal innovation through the Innova Plan, rewarding employees with the most innovative ideas every quarter. In this way, innovation is internalized in the culture of the company as part of the day to day


    The ALUCOIL team is fully multicultural and diverse: it is made up of people of various age ranges between 20 and retirement age, of different nationalities (Spanish, French, Romanian, Moroccan, Italian, American, Australian …), and work with a great number of countries distributed throughout the world with cultural and religious diversity. Personnel selection plans offer the same conditions to all people who wish to apply for a job offer.


    It participates with local entities such as the Chamber of Commerce of Miranda, to promote the development of its city. In addition, it is the reference supplier that supplies materials for the construction of buildings and more efficient urban means of transport guaranteeing cleaner and more sustainable cities.


    It encourages the reduction of consumption through improvement plans in which all workers are involved. It has active plans to reduce energy, consumption of raw materials and waste or reuse them in other accessory processes.


    ALUCOIL recycles all the excess material from its products to give it a new life. The vast majority of its suppliers are nearby, reducing the carbon footprint of transport. ALUCOIL has been the first manufacturer of composite panels with an EPD certification. The use and recycling of aluminum represents a 95% energy saving.


    The ALUCOIL materials supplied to maritime transport make them more efficient and sustainable, reducing pollution and therefore more respectful with underwater life. In addition, it encourages the use of aluminum as an alternative material to recycled plastic, instead of ending up in the oceans


    ALUCOIL’s internal communication policy allows ideas and opinions to be expressed at all levels of the workforce, with total freedom and access for all workers. Annual evaluations are carried out to the personnel where the space is opened to the annual evaluation of the work. All the management are accessible to any worker, offices with doors open for anyone to access.


    ALUCOIL collaborates with the Miranda Technological Center, Laboratories and other prestigious centers as necessary collaborators in our research, development and innovation efforts in order to continue launching the most innovative products on the market.

Sustainability – Quality and Environmental Policy

ALUCOIL is dedicated to the powder Coating of aluminium sheet & coil with termolac®, the production of aluminium products for covering and facades and the production of metallic composite panels larson® PE, FR and larcore® whose purpose is to produce economically and environmentally sustainable, achieving the satisfaction of all interested parties, in order to be a leading company in the sector.

As result of an integration between a firm commitment to offer our customers high quality finishes and materials and being aware of the importance of preserving the environment, this Quality and Environmental Policy publishes our desire and commitment to contribute to continuous improvement in all aspects of the work, at present and in the future.

ALUCOIL management, considers the Quality & Environment Policy as one of the pillars of the organization, essential to the success for an open economy. This requires that the idea of Quality and Environment is present and is considered a main and necessary objective at all levels of the organization in all its activities and decisions, covering:

  • 1. The context, scope and impacts of the company’s activities and products.

  • 2. Involvement of all the company’s departments, with the purpose to ensure the active participation of all staff, assuming that quality and respect for the environment as a core value in the company: quality and the environment is not a matter of a few; it belongs to everyone and together they make or break it.

  • 3. Commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as those demanded by clients, interested parties or voluntary standards to guarantee a maximum respect for the Environment and legal framework.

  • 4. The commitment to improve continually, both the effectiveness of the environmental management system and the environmental performance of the company, preventing pollution.

  • 5. Providing a framework for establishing and reviewing the proposed goals and targets.

  • 6. Providing education, training and motivation of the organization in all disciplines.

  • 7. Search for new recycling systems and efficient waste processing to reduce the impact of waste from production to the Environment.

  • 8. Reducing the consumption of natural resources in our manufacturing processes, whenever it is possible.

  • 9. Minimizing the environmental, economic costs incurred. Assuring growth, sustainable development.