Alucoil® created its transport division to provide solutions in these sectors with their advanced new-generation materials.

Both the larcore® and larson® panels can be machined very easily, including the main types of machining: cutting with a vertical saw and CNC machining as well as drilling, perforating, hollows, solids, pressing and stamping. To bend the Alucoil® panel there are specific instructions.

The larcore® panel can be supplied with various types of edging and with processes that guarantee its watertightness and damp prevention.

Aluminium honeycomb panels for the transport sector

a) Naval sector
b) Railway sector
c) Electric mobility sector
d) Bodywork sector
Composite panel


Alucoil® MARINE division was set up specifically for the naval sector, and is responsible for the pertinent studies to provide solutions for the different parts of large cruise liners, ferries, yachts and military ships.

The larcore® panel is the perfect travel companion in the following applications: furniture, wall cladding, screens, flooring, ceilings, flood-proof rooms and fire insulation.


Given the versatility of its materials, together with the wide range of finishes and different classifications and certificates, Alucoil® entered the rail transport market with metal panels with applications in: ceilings, doors, luggage shelves, flooring, furniture and modular cabins.


Given the emerging need for a commitment to non-polluting energies, at Alucoil® we saw the electric mobility sector as an opportunity to collaborate with our materials in vehicles CO2-free vehicles such as electric microbuses and buses and electric and hybrid cars and electric caravans.

The larcore® panels are used in: ceilings, external body building, flooring, interior furniture, partition walls and shelves for luggage.


Our projects in this sector are mainly centred on all types of trailers (mobile, display, for stages, etc.), load-bearing frames and recreational vehicles.
Our materials are in walls and big dimension ceilings, doors, platforms and access ramps.

"As suppliers of toilet cabins for railway transport, we use the lightweight honeycomb panels larcore® from Alucoil®. We work together thanks to the reliability and fair treatment from Alucoil® and we are very sure that our collaboration will last long"

Satek (T&I)

"For Facutec Alucoil® represents reliability, seriousness, quality and security"


"Alucoil® contributes with the quality, seriousness and security that we need to build loyalty with our customers"


"From Fachadas Alumital and after a long road in the design and installation of facades, we guarantee the good service and quality of the products coming from Alucoil®


"Alucoil® has been a fundamental support for the development of our company in the market of ventilated facades due to the quality of its products and the capacity of its commercial and technical team"


"TEHNOMARKET as company that has at least 20 years of experience working with ACP material is privileged to finally work with a company that has no quality issues with their products, so we sincerely believe that it will be long lasting collaboration. That is not all, since all other elements of our partnership are excellent and that's something we've never experienced before. Amongst our various suppliers (more than 100 of them) Alucoil® is for sure at the very top... constantly in top three for 5 years already!"


"larcore® offers the best and widest range of finishes in the market and is not afraid of challenges. In our project Icon for Espacio Real estate, they offered solutions to the complex geometry of the building and adapted being part of the team"


"The collaboration between Rafael de la Hoz Arquitectos and Alucoil® has been extense in time and number of projects: Oxeo, Campus Repsol, Endesa HQ, Lagasca 99, Rey Juan Carlos Hospital… to name some. We have always received the best technical advice in every project and the best answer on site as well".


"In VA Arquitectos we trust in Alucoil®, they have a great product with the support from the best professionals to make every project real"


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