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ALUCOIL … connecting with the FUTURE

On December 18th took place the annual meeting of ALUCOIL Worldwide in Miranda del Ebro (Burgos-SPAIN). Technical and commercial staff traveled to attend the event from all over the world, from France, Poland, the USA or even Australia.

The conference focused on how ALUCOIL connects with customers, market, quality, information systems … New marketing developments, new products and certificates were presented, as well as various games and teambuilding were performed.

All attendees agreed on the importance to continue innovating, investing in new technologies and the teamwork that makes ALUCOIL as global supplier reference of advanced materials for architecture, industry and transport applications and being considered “the easiest company to do business with”.

ALUCOIL closes 2014 with a positive balance after a successful year and with new global and ambitious targets for 2015.