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Pin it! In the new profile of ALUCOIL!

ALUCOIL is immersed in a strong digital strategy to create new ways of optimizing processes and opening new channels of communications with its customers. ALUCOIL recently entered the social media Pinterest to create a snapshot of its most prominent architectural building projects worldwide.

In its new profile, ALUCOIL presents an attractive, simple visual representation of its extensive experience in architectural building from every corner of the world. ALUCOIL has divided its project portfolio into different boards by building types including hospitals, airports, football stadiums, universities, and residential.

Pinterest is a photographic social media platform founded in 2010 with over 100 million users. Designers, architects, and artists are some of the many users of this social network as it is a place where one can find inspiration, and obtain new ideas for architecture, design, art, beauty, and fashion among others.

Visit the profile of ALUCOIL on Pinterest and open a new world of architectural possibilities: