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ALUCOIL present in the first permanent library of materials

The School of Architecture in Madrid (COAM), in collaboration with ALUCOIL and other well-known manufacturers, inaugurated last week the first permanent library of building materials, boasting more than 700m2 of exhibition space with reference products from all over the world.

The aim of the library is to offer a permanent space for the exhibition of new materials that are launched into the and serve as an important information repository for professionals in the sector.

ALUCOIL cooperates closely with the library with a huge exposition of its advanced materials including its Larson ® composite and Larcore ® honeycomb panels, as well as diverse technical and commercial documentation. The ALUCOIL centerpiece is an impressive exhibition structure measuring 4 m2 and 3m high – providing an up close view to visitors so they can appreciate first-hand the quality and benefits that Larson ® and Larcore ® offer.

The new permanent library is open to the public and located on the third floor at Calle Hortaleza 63, Madrid, headquarters of COAM.