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ALUCOIL gives the “Seminar of Metallic Architectonic Panels”

ALUCOIL, with the intention of collaborate with the modern and educative architecture, will teach the Seminar of Metallic Architectonic Panels on 27th and 29th of June. The lectures will take place on the Official School of Architects in Madrid, COAM, from 16.30h to 18.30h (Materioteca, C/de Hortaleza, 63, Madrid).
The Seminar is based on contents of the Master in Ventilated Façades, given in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in which ALUCOIL cooperated.
The Seminar is distributed in two conferences, on the first one everything related to LARSON® composite panels will be presented and the second one will deal with the LARCORE® honeycomb panels.
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