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Immerse in the “BBVA City” through its inventors

ALUCOIL will organize next 24th October a lecture called “BBVA city” which is focused on the construction of the new BBVA´s headquarters located in Madrid, a very representative project focused on the reduction in the energetic consumption with most up-to-the-minute materials as the honeycomb panels larcore® A2.

The lecture will be celebrated in a triangular hall of Colegio de Arquitectos in Madrid (COAM) and well-known professional involved in this symbolic construction, will participated on it.

The event will start at 16:30 PM and will count with the participation of Ortiz & Leon Architects as national partner of Herzog & de Meuron architects, the company ENAR in charge of façade engineering, Permasteelisa, the manufacturer of the protective structure and ALUCOIL as manufacturer of honeycomb panel Larcore® A2, the advanced material that covers the main building, La Vela, of 93 meters high and which symbolizes the Corporative Culture: avant – garde, cross – culture, sustainability, in addition to globality.

At the end of the talks, the attendees could enjoy a “Spanish wine” and could share feelings with other participants.

All of those who are interested in this event, can register for free sending an e-mail to: