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larcore® supports the youth sailing to the Olympics

The newest larcore® panels, focused and bet on nautical sports, sponsor the 470 Class 2017-18 backing the young sailors from Alicante, who use for the competition an equipment, boats, very light and fast accordingly with the same characteristics of the larcore® honeycomb panels. This sailing owns a technical design and preparation, being also important a well-defined strategy between the sailors.

larcore® will accompany to the young yachtsmen, Gregorio Belmonte Cuenca and Iván Moreno Galvañ, aged 20, in the 49th S.A.R. Trofeo Princesa Sofía hold in Mallorca, with the aim of getting a position in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
Their competitive vocations are loyally seen in ALUCOIL and its products: the efforts, the technic, the exactitude and the continuous work to get a progressive improvement to reach the top.