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ALUCOIL at “M’L” of Paris

The most innovative products of ALUCOIL are showed in Paris for more than 2.000 visitors.

ALUCOIL has participated in the 4th edition of the exhibition M’L (Materials & Light) that started on last 25th April in the French capital. Each year this event, in which the technical department APD (Architectural Project Development) of ALUCOIL has participated, is organized by the most well-regarded French magazine, d’architecture. Over 40 manufacturers show their innovations during two days through exhibitions, conferences and workshops which are dedicated to the architecture and personal design.

A unique opportunity for more than 2.000 architects, interior designers and decorators, who discover the most innovative products, high technology and advanced materials done in and by ALUCOIL.

In this way, the international presence of ALUCOIL is reinforced and interacts with the industry in a prestigious environment, as M’L is, one of the most avant-grade exhibitions in this field.