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larcore® A2, more demanding than ever

ALUCOIL’s aluminium honeycomb panel larcore® A2 passes succesfully NFPA 285 fire resistance test

ALUCOIL ran at Texas (USA) a full scale fire test for architectural façades with aluminium honeycomb panel larcore® A2.

This trial, successfully completed, tested ALUCOIL’s façade systems, which passed all NFPA 285 norm (National Fire Protection Association) requirements. This is a global non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating every harm caused by fires and electric risks. This norm establishes a standard procedure to test incombustibility of external assemblies and façades.

Technical staff from ALUCOIL moved to Texas to install an architectonic 14mm thick larcore® A2 honeycomb panel ventilated façade with Alucoil’s HideTech® PRO system at Intertek labs, where this test took place. Test was passed succesfully.

ALUCOIL, commited with highest Quality and Safety standards.