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ALUCOIL backs “Mirando al Futuro” from Miranda de Ebro

Being supported by ALUCOIL, several investors and different multinationals have been met in the conferences held in Miranda de Ebro.

ALUCOIL, Leader on Advanced Materials for the Building, Transport and Industry, sponsors the Corporate Congress “Mirando al Futuro”, organized by the council of Miranda de Ebro and attended by investors, institutions, enterprises and representatives from different fields that want to invest in Miranda, as ALUCOIL does.

Aitana Hernando, Mayor of Miranda de Ebro and Roberto Martínez de Salinas, Director of “Miranda Empresas”, the municipal office for the corporate development of the city, have introduced this Event, which is thought to be an “encounter for Spanish entrepreneurs to identify Miranda as an ideal place to invest”, as the Mayor’s told. Since its establishment in 1996, ALUCOIL has invested and growth itself continuously. With its expansion and creation of new companies, as ALUCOIL Systems, the employment and economic success in Miranda de Ebro have been increased.

This meeting has counted on the help of ALUCOIL, with the aim of revolutionize and encourage the creation of jobs as well as the business establishment in the city.

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