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ALUCOIL, A+ on new requirements

A new regulation modifying Technical Building Code took effect last December 28th .

This standard intends to promote even greater environmental sustainability by reaching almost 0 energy consumption on buildings. Tightly linked to this point, safety in fire situations is highly important, more specifically façade materials’ limitation on fire reaction depending on building height.

Modifications affect fire reaction requirements of ventilated façade and insulation depending on building height.

(*)  Ventilated cavity partitioning every 10m or 3 levels. Barriers can be intumescent (closing only in case of fire) but at least E30.

(1) If public accessible. If not, immediately upper level requirement will apply.

larson®, larcore® panels and termolac® coatings widely exceed this standard requirements. Panel’s classification A2 and B exceed all specifications mentioned on this standard, so regardless building’s height, our panels are a perfect solution. TOP materials to face new challenges of future architecture.

ALUCOIL, always committed with industry, innovation and environment, keeps supporting sustainable cities and communities.