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The world’s largest honeycomb panel: larcore® by Alucoil®

Alucoil®, manufacturer of advanced materials for architecture, transport and industry, manufactures in its continuous line the largest honeycomb panel in the world, intended, in this case, for manufacturing lightweight truck bodyworks.

Alucoil®‘s facilities have been preparing for years to manufacture, manipulate and transform large panels to respond the growing demand of mass transport sector.

With Alucoil®’s honeycomb panels, lighter and more efficient constructions are achieved, where the assemblies require continuous pieces, increasingly larger and without joints for ceilings, walls or floors.

Thanks to their honeycomb core and aluminium skins, larcore® panels are light, rigid, resistant and ready to support heavy loads without adding weight. This helps mobility of the transports where they are installed.

larcore® 14.000mm, is the perfect panel for light bodyworks.

Alucoil®, always committed to industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9).