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Alucoil® participates in the XI Employment Forum of the UPV in Vitoria

Employment Gune is an employment forum organized by the city of Vitoria together with the Alava campus of the University of the Basque Country, a space where companies that offer jobs and students about to graduate or job seekers in search of employment gather.

This new edition, the 3rd in which Alucoil® participates, has been adapted to the current situation, and will be held virtually. For this purpose, an exclusive platform has been created with all kinds of tools to ensure effective communication between companies and participants

In this platform you will be able to find from now until May 20 the relevant information of the participating companies and entities, their offers and contact details as well as the possibility of virtual communication within the same platform.

Next Thursday, May 13 will be the day when Alucoil®‘s human resources team will attend directly to the participants through the virtual platform. There will be also online workshops and webinars within the program of activities on that day.

Registration form to participate can be done from now until May 13 at the following link

Alucoil®, continues to bet on young people to offer them real opportunities at a professional level and to find new talents, contributing to quality education (SDG 4) and economic growth, offering stable jobs (SDG8).

Alucoil®, committed to people and continuous improvement.