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Awarded the Moscow Metro Station made with larcore®

Alucoil® is a great example of internationalization, there is no country it cannot reach. In addition, its products are a guarantee of quality, durability and elegance, which gives a distinctive touch to all the architectural projects that are developed with its panels.

The panels manufactured by Alucoil® are not only used for facades, but also for interior claddings. This is the case of the new Moscow Metro Station, planned and made with larcore® panels. For this project, Alucoil® has supplied 6.300 square meters of its 22 mm thick larcore® A2 aluminium honeycomb structural panel.

The project “Nizhny Mnevniki” realised with larcore® panels has been awarded with the nomination “The best architectural and urban planning solution for a transport infrastructure facility”. The Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, awarded the winners and thanked the architects, builders and participants of this project for their talent and the skills they put into their work.

Alucoil®, supporting infrastructure improvement (SDG 9).