Our milestones

  • Alucoil®

    Alucoil®‘s continuous coating line for sheet metal termolac® using high quality powder paint for exteriors.

  • anolac®

    anolac® corrugated aluminium sheets for coating façades.

  • larson®

    Aluminium composite panel 1st production line.

  • signi®

    signi® aluminium composite panel for corporate image.

  • larson® Metals

    2nd production line for larson® Metals  composite panel in stainless steel, copper, brass and zinc.

  • larson®

     3rd production line for larson® (core mineral FR).

  • almirr®

    almirr® multi-sheet aluminium mirrors for concentrated solar power.

  • Alucoil® Maroc

    Alucoil® Maroc

  • larcore®

    larcore® aluminium honeycomb panels.

  • Alucoil® North America

    Alucoil® North America

  • Transport and Industry

    Transport and Industry division of Alucoil®.

  • larflex®

    larflex® solid aluminium panel for façades.

  • fluorlac®

    fluorlac®, new continuous coating line for FEVE liquid paint.

Alucoil® is a Spanish multinational, headquartered in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), specialising in the manufacture of technologically advanced materials for the building, transport and industry sectors. Since 1996, Alucoil® has been manufacturing and transforming the most innovative solutions in aluminium under their prestigious brands, becoming a world leader in technology, innovation and professionalism.

In addition to Spain, Alucoil® has factories in the United States (Alucoil® North America) and Morocco (Alucoil® Maroc), providing service and exporting their innovative products all over the world. Alucoil® manufactures products with a high added value for their customers and is organised over 3 large production areas: composite, honeycomb and thermal solar energy.


The development of our professionals, their know-how and eagerness to better themselves on a daily basis has enabled Alucoil® to achieve its position as a leading company in the aluminium sector.


What sets us apart and has characterised us right from the start.


In everything we do to evolve and achieve excellence.


Customer satisfaction is our raison d'être, always seeking the best solution for their needs and bringing added value to their organisation.


A hallmark of identity and strategic principle, based on the creation of new technological developments (proprietary technology) in a more efficient way that allows us to be at the forefront of the industry sector.


Understood as a non-conformist attitude that entails the continuous search for new challenges and improvements in all areas of our activity.

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Our quality seals certify Alucoil® as a company committed to quality and the environment.