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termolac® coats world’s biggest solar telescope

ALUCOIL keeps participating with its advanced materials in big R&D projects. Termolac®, Alucoil’s high quality powder paint, has recently been chosen for a research project that will deeply study links and connections between sun and earth.

Study of the sun without obstacles. That’s the main target of the new solar telescope, the biggest of its kind in the world, that will be installed at Maui (Hawai) and has been designed by spanish company Idom. This development that has been also carried out by companies as Alumisan and Strunor, and termolac® will coat the exterior of the shell to guarantee a total protection against adverse weather conditions.

The domo, is a huge mobile structure with a diameter of 27 meters and 22 meter high, and is the biggest solar telescope in the world. It is designed to provide a perfectly clear image of the sun without obstructions, but at the same time, it protects from solar radiation all the components except primary mirror.